Date: Feb-Mar 2016

February/March 2016 issue

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Moldy Odor In My Wines, Calculating Molecular SO2, Brown (Red) Wine

TCA, or the “corked” off-aroma, is caused by ambient molds interacting with a chlorine molecule of some kind, usually from domestic water supply.

Stock Your Wine Cellar

A home winemaker offers tips on how to keep your wine cellar stocked with a variety of wines.

Split Batch Wine Kit Experiments

When we tackle a big project it isn’t the immediate effort that pays off, but all of our work combined into one glorious enterprise. It’s the same with winemaking: A single effort

Oxygen Reduction in Winemaking

Oxidation gets a lot of attention in winemaking — and it should! WineMaker magazine has covered oxidation issues from several different angles over the past few years. While some presence of oxygen

Wine To Go Layout

Build your own wine carrying case to keep your bottles safe during travel.

Super Blends

One group of internationally famous wines — the Super Tuscans — has come to represent revolutionary change in the wine world in the last few decades. After long-held traditional principles and practices

Cooking With Wine

Your homemade wine doesn’t have to be simply for the wine glass – it can also be a part of the food on your table! Check out three recipes for a French-inspired feast that count wine among the ingredients.

10 Tips for Taking stock in Your Home Winery

Take advantage of the quieter moments in your home winery to take a deep breath and regroup. Four veteran winemakers share tips for cleaning, organizing, restocking, and reviewing the past year’s winemaking, and planning for the coming vintage.

The Many Shades of Muscat

Muscat is a complex family of grapes with a distinctive aroma tying them all together. There are hundreds of Muscat varieties, both white and red, which are used to make all styles of wine.

Moldy Odor In My Wines

Would you be surprised to know that you may be doing absolutely nothing wrong? Even though you tried to sanitize your corks (assuming you are using natural corks and not artificial corks)

Calculating Molecular SO2

Sulfur dioxide, or SO2, has many benefits in winemaking and has been added to wine for centuries to act as a preservative. When you add SO2 to your wine, part of it

Wine Blending: Tips from the Pros

Varietal wines are great, but there is only so much that can be done when working with a single grape variety. To create a truly complex wine, try blending multiple varieties that

Design a Great Home Wine Label

You are already proud of the wine you made, but when it comes time to share or gift your wine, you want to be proud of the packaging too. Use these tips from label design pros to get you started.

Mastering Wine Acid Balance

Sometimes the acidity of your grapes, juice, or wine will need to be adjusted. Learn some of the finer details surrounding how, and when, to make those acid adjustments to your wine.

Brown (Instead of Red) Wine

There’s the old saw about the sow’s ear and the silk purse. It reminds me of my old adage of “never blend a loser,” which admonishes readers against blending bad wine into

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