Date: June-July 2023

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Live Chat with Dwayne Bershaw

Click on this link to view the recorded video of the Live Chat: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/21rykkt93bod

Live Chat with Maureen Macdonald

Live Chat with Maureen Macdonald that took place on June 28, 2023.

Pectic Enzymes: Tips from the Pros

Three pro winemakers share how they use pectic enzymes to their advantage to maximize yields, increase color and flavor extraction, and make filtration easier.

¡Vamos Vendimia!

WineMaker readers and Publisher Brad Ring recently spent a week exploring beautiful wine regions in Chile and Argentina during harvest. We recap and share
pictures from the adventure.

Making Dessert Fruit Wines

If you have access to fresh fruit and a sweet tooth, then dessert-style fruit wines should be in your winemaking repertoire. An award-winning winemaker shares his secrets.

Enological Oxygen Principles and Practices

While it sometimes gets a bad rap because too much oxygen can destroy a wine, oxygen is also very important to the winemaking process. Learn the six ways to use oxygen to your wine’s benefit.

Award-Winning Fruit Wines

We share recipes and advice for four gold medal-winning fruit wines made by top amateur winemakers. Instead of just waiting for the grape harvest to roll around this fall, try your hand at one of these unique fruit wine recipes.

Sweet Finnish

When a home winemaker moves to Finland and finds that the grape winemaking he has come to know and love isn’t feasible there, he turns to the next best thing . . . berry winemaking. Now he is making waves on a global scale.

Water Works: Assessing irrigation needs

Not every location needs to irrigate their vines every year, but for those that do, advanced planning is key. Here is a walk through the factors that need to be considered when establishing a vineyard and irrigation needs.

The Charmat Process to Sparkling Wine

Many homebrewers of beer are unknowingly very familiar with the Charmat method to carbonate wine. If you are unfamiliar with this easy, albeit more equipment-heavy, process to produce bubbly wines, Bob Peak explains the technique.


With its home along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this white grape is starting to find its way to the U.S. for good reason. Learn about the history, viticultural tips, and winemaking styles of Vermentino grapes.

Stabilizing A Fruit Port

Well, in the olden days of fortified winemaking, potassium sorbate (a potassium salt of sorbic acid) wasn’t even a thing. While sorbic acid does occur naturally in some plants (rowan berries and

Tips For Rehydrating Dry Yeast

Rehydrating dried yeast is a simple and straightforward process, and one that I find to be essential when using dried yeast for winemaking purposes.  The simple answer to your question is no,

Sacrificial Tannins Explained

Tannins, or the compounds in grapes (and oak barrels) that contribute to a pleasing sensation of astringency in red (and some white) wines, are found in grape skins and seeds. As a

Sacrificial Tannins Explained, Yeast Rehydration, and Stabilizing A Fruit Port

The term “sacrificial tannins” is something that gets casually tossed into the winemaking lexicon by those who have been in the trade for a while . . . but what does it really mean? Get an explanation along with tips for rehydrating dry yeast and techniques to properly stabilize a fortified wine.

Making Berry Wines

As the temperatures climb during the summer months, trees, bushes, and other perennials teeming with berries are aplenty. Get some tips on making berry wines.

Enter WineMaker’s 24th Annual Label Contest

Enter your unique label in WineMaker’s 24th Annual Label Contest! Send us your best home wine labels and you could win some great winemaking prizes from WineMaker advertisers. Entry deadline is November

17 result(s) found.