Date: Aug-Sep 2010

Aug/Sept 2010 issue

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Egg White Fining and Overoaking

Using egg whites Q I’m making a white wine and want to add egg white to help with the fining before my last racking. Is there any information on how to do

Reducing Oak Flavor In Wine

I’m so pleased you’ve done some oak trials! If you’ve read my column over the years you know that I’m always advising our intrepid readers to do small-scale trials (sometimes I call

Verdelho: More than Madeira

Verdelho is the most widely planted grape on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

WineMaker 2010 Conference

More than 450 hobby winemakers from across North America descended on the Pacific Northwest in May for the sold-out WineMaker Magazine Conference.  This third annual event featured an all-star cast of winemaking

Sparkling Country Wine

The first sparkling wine I ever made was a black cherry. It was supposed to be a semi-sweet still wine, so when I opened the first bottle at a social event, I

Keys to a Great Crush and Press

When the harvest season rolls around each year, and winemakers gear up for the busy season, a winemaker’s plans to improve on the previous vintage should have already started in spring and

Using Eggs Whites To Fine White Wine

For readers who don’t know, adding a solution of egg whites to wine does a nice job of pulling out excess tannins and phenolics that might cause your wine to be overly

Growing Chardonnay: Backyard Vines

Chardonnay is a grape varietal that has an identity crisis. She is both a rock star and a charlatan, a soft spoken ballerina and a brazen harlot, generic as a white label

Grand Champion: Dry Finish

During the day, I am a drywaller and I own my own business, but in my own time I have been making homemade wines for 20 years. I started out making Concord

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