Date: Dec 06-Jan 07

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Cork Questions: Wine Wizard

Dear Wine Wizard, I’ve heard both “yes” and “no” on soaking corks before bottling. All of the commercial wineries I’ve visited don’t soak their corks before bottling. Can you set us straight

Amarone-Style Wine Kits

Most wine drinkers who have been exposed to Amarone probably consider it to be another one of Italy’s signature wine styles — perhaps the most brutally powerful and distinctively flavorful, but one

I’ve heard both “yes” and “no” on soaking corks before bottling… So to soak or not to soak?

No commercial wineries that I’ve worked with soak their corks before bottling because it’s not necessary for larger-scale businesses. Commercial wineries buy corks by the thousands from reputable companies with high turnover.

A friend recommended microwaving corks in a bowl of water to sanitize them…

Corks seem to be on everyone’s mind as of late — it must be bottling time! As I think I’ve mentioned before in this column, it’s impossible to sterilize corks and it’s

Common Grape Growing Questions

At the end of the year when I’m contemplating new topics for “Backyard Vines,” I like to go through and look at all the subjects I’ve covered previously and ask myself: “What

Force-Carbonating Wine to Sparkle: Counter pressure bottle method

Ah! There’s nothing like a nice bottle of chilled bubbly to sip as an aperitif while preparing dinner, or for those of you who already cannot wait for summer, to sip on

Carmine: Cold tolerant and color-rich

Deeply saturated in color and crimson red is the first impression to hit your senses when glancing at Carmine. After a few swirls of the rich liquid in the wine glass, aromas

Making Icewine: Tips from the Pros

Karl Kaiser is co-founder of Inniskillin Wines of Niagara, Ontario. He was born in Austria and attended a monastery school where winemaking and viticulture was a tradition. He later received his B.S.

Understanding Sparkling Wines

Learn about the different ways to make sparkling wine at home.

Sparkling Secrets of Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is a symbol of luxury engrained in pop culture. But beyond the hype, Dom Pérignon is also recognized by serious wine critics as a consistently exceptional example of the top tier of Champagnes.

Méthode “Home-penoise”

In Champagne, the French make bubbly using the méthode Champenoise. In your home, use this method.

2006 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

See the winning labels from the 2006 WineMaker label contest.

Riesling Lessons of the Mosel Masters

German wines, particularly great German Rieslings, are unlike any other wines in the world, with unmatched fruit intensity, striking minerality and remarkable aging potential. Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked, and soon the

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