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Stopping Fermentation

Learn how to stop fermentation before reaching dryness, plus when and why a winemaker may wish to do so.

Using Pectic Enzymes

Pectic enzymes are often required when making fruit wines, but also come in handy in certain situations when making wine from grapes. Learn more about the benefits of pectic enzymes.

Sourcing Grapes

Want to make wine from fresh grapes but not sure how to go about getting them? Here’s an introduction about sourcing grapes.

Design a Great Home Wine Label

You are already proud of the wine you made, but when it comes time to share or gift your wine, you want to be proud of the packaging too. Use these tips from label design pros to get you started.

Sur Lie Aging & Bâttonage

An introduction to sur lie aging and why you may want to consider it for your next batch.

Keeping Notes in the Winery

Why it is important for winemakers to take notes, and what information should always be recorded.

Crafting Age-Worthy White Wines

A common perception about wine is that red wines should always be aged and white wines are intended to be consumed young. I won’t call this a total misconception — it is

Choosing Your First Wine Kit

Looking to buy your first wine kit? Here’s what you need to know before you start shopping.

Protein Stabilization

Get hot tips for protein stabilization.

Using a Hydrometer

Learn the basics of how and when to use a hydrometer in your winemaking process.

Cellaring Wines

Learn the basics of how and where to age your homemade wines.

Understanding Brix Readings

One of the most important measurements a winemaker must stay on top of from the time grapes begin to mature in the vineyard through the end of fermentation is degrees Brix. Brix,

Fresh-Grape Winemaking Equipment

An introduction into the equipment a new winemaker will need to get started in the hobby.

Fining for Beginners

Learn the ins and outs of fining wine and the options to choose from.

Starter Winemaking Equipment

Here’s the equipment you’ll need to get started at making wine.

Keeping Fermentations Cool

The heat of summer can lead to problems when it comes to winemaking. When the temperature of your fermenting wine becomes excessive, your resulting wine could develop off flavors, off aromas or

91 result(s) found.