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Bottling & Aging Wine

Fill It Up With all the preparatory work — rinsing, sanitizing and more rinsing — bottling can become overwhelming as one’s production increases. That can quickly turn into many hours of bottling

Country Wine: Non-grape winemaking

Country wine is the informal term that has been used for years to define fermented beverages made from ingredients other than grapes. This can include fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Wine made

Making Wine From Grapes

Grape Wine Ah yes . . . grapes! Now that we’ve covered the science behind the winemaking process, you are ready to gather some grapes and start making wine from scratch. From

Wine Science 101

A Brief Glossary of Some Key Terms Brix: A scale of measuring sugar concentration in grapes, juice, must and wine. Instruments such as refractometers and hydrometers are used to measure degrees Brix

Kit Wine Section

Kit Wine by Jeff ChorniakA typical wine kit contains only a few ingredients: A bag of preserved grape concentrate, yeast and the additives you need to make wine. Not all kits include

Introduction to Winemaking

Welcome winemakers! Although you’ve entered a part of the website labeled our “Beginner’s Guide,” we purposely designed it to incorporate the essential skills and knowledge that successful winemakers of all levels must

Making Pear Cider/Perry

Hard cider doesn’t have to be made from apples. Try making a pear cider (perry) this summer!

Your First Wine from Fresh Grapes

Nothing feels as satisfying and authentic as making your first batch of wine from fresh grapes. And there’s no better time to try it than in early autumn, when grapes all over

Your First Wine from a Kit

A few months ago, I decided to open a bottle from my collection of homemade wines. I selected an Austrian red and pulled the cork. The wine was healthy, almost vibrant. It

Blending Basics

In this article, Michael Larner discusses the wines of the Rhône region of France, and one of the most important winemaking parts of Rhône winemaking is blending. Learn about the basics of

Fermentation Temperature Control

For those that would like to start getting a better handle on the fermentation temperature of their wines, you’ve found the right spot.

Small Batch Winemaking

Tips for beginners looking to make small batches of wine.

Prepping Your First Barrel

Tips for beginners on how to prepare their first barrel.

Your First Mead

Tips for brewing your firs batch of mead.

Volatile Acidity

An introduction into volatile acidity (VA) and how to avoid it.

Choosing Your First Fermenter

Explore the options for your first fermentation vessel.

Winemaking by the Numbers

There are lots of ways to help winemakers learn or refine their craft. Most of those involve lists of equipment and supplies, along with step-by-step or time-based instructions for what to do

Preparing Country Fruit

How should fruit be prepared before using it to make country wines? Let’s have a look…

Determining Ripeness

How do you know when it’s time to pull the trigger on harvest? Here’s an introductory look for your first harvest.

What’s that in my Kit?

An introduction to what you’ll find in your first wine kit.

Cleaning and Sanitation for Beginners

An introduction to cleaning and sanitation for beginners.

Preventing Oxidation

An introduction to preventing oxidation of your wine.

Making Your First Wine

first wine, beginner winemaking

Bottling Your First Batch

An introduction into bottling your first batch of wine.

Malolactic Fermentation for Beginners

A quick explanation of what malolactic fermentation is, and how/when you may want to do it.

91 result(s) found.