Date: Apr-May 2022

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Live Chat with Pat Henderson

Live chat with Pat Henderson, which took place May 25, 2022.

Live Chat with Wes Hagen

Live chat with Wes Hagen, which took place April 25, 2022.

Making Muratina Wine

A group of wine lovers in Kenya turned to traditional winemaking when the world around them slowed to a crawl and imports of wines from Europe and the U.S. nearly stopped. Check out the story of muratina wine — a wine made from a potentially poisonous fruit.

Non-Conventional Yeast: Tailor-made solutions for new challenges

Many of us in winemaking were trained to trust Saccharomyces yeast and not leave our wines to chance with wild strains. But winds of change are in the air and yeast companies are now turning to many non-Saccharomyces yeasts for certain purposes.

Delicious Endeavors: The science of food-wine pairings

Approaching food-wine pairings can be complex given the nearly endless options available . . . but there is a science to it. Learn the basics to matching a wine with a food course to impress even the sticklers in the group.

DIY Netting Applicator

Vineyard netting is often critical to protect your grapes from birds and other predators; however, applying and removing it can be a real pain. Here is a solution for home winemakers with a utility vehicle that allows netting to mostly be installed by just one person without the net ever touching the ground.


Among the few bright spots caused by the worldwide pandemic is that many people stuck at home got into home fermentations — and those aren’t limited to beverages. Kimchi is a Korean dish that gets the mouth watering and can spice up just about any dish. Learn how to make your own!

La Vie En Dry Rosé

Pink wines may have gotten a bad rap due to sweet versions that dominated in the 80s and 90s, however, dry rosé is becoming more and more popular among winemakers and consumers alike. Whether a dry rosé was always the goal or you have grapes that better suit pink than red wine ­­— we’ll supply the advice to craft an excellent summer sipper.

Inert Gases for Winemaking

There are four gases often used in winemaking, each with its own unique advantages. Learn what sets carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen, and beer gas apart, and which is best for each chore where gas can be of assistance in the home winery.

Wine from Frozen Must: Tips from the Pros

When you want to make wines from grapes but it isn’t harvest season, one option home winemakers have is purchasing buckets of frozen must or juice. Three industry experts share their coolest tips.

Malvasia Bianca: A Greek grape that has gotten around

A grape of Mediterranean origins, Malvasia grapes spread throughout the region under the umbrella name. Get the scoop on this unusual family of grapes and the variety brought to North America under the title Malvasia Bianca.

Finding A Vinegar Storage Space

You got a chuckle out of me. Indeed, how dare you introduce vinegar to your wines! I’m actually very happy that you’re writing so you can learn how not to introduce vinegar

Tips For Making Cantaloupe Wine

Because cantaloupes have high pH, my guess is that the red speckles you’re seeing in a layer on top of your wine are bacteria colonies and no, they are not to be

Fermentation Completion, Vinegar Storage Space and Cantaloupe Wine

A winemaker is left scratching their head when a wine that seemingly has fermented dry is still producing bubbles. The Wizard also provides suggestions for vinegar storage and the possible cause of odd-colored speckles on a cantaloupe wine.

Judging Fermentation Completion

It certainly sounds like you are getting into the dryness zone. Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a liquid in relation to the density of water, calibrated at a

Prepping Wine For Competition

If you’ve got a wine aging in your cellar you would like unbiased, expert opinions on, then entering it in a competition for judging is one of the best options. Get some pointers for getting the best feedback.

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