Pinot Grigio: The Underrated Superstar

Pinot Grigio is often an introductory white wine for consumers — light, refreshing, though unremarkable. That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Learn from winemakers across the world how they craft Pinot Grigio that will rival any white wine’s complexity.

Apples, Meet Grape Pomace

After pressing grapes for wine, a home winemaker decided seven years ago to add the pomace to their fresh-pressed apple juice to learn the impact it would have on cider production. They’ve continued this experiment every year since, with some variation, and are sharing the results.

Summer Care in the Vineyard

The summer is a critical time in the home vineyard. Wes Hagen shares the physiological needs of mature vines in the summer and lays out a schedule for what growers should be doing in the warmest months.

Fabulous Frontenac Gris

Our newest columnist, Maureen Macdonald, shares her own experiences and advice for crafting a Frontenac Gris of any style in her first “Varietal Focus” column.

Monitoring Malolactic, Adding Skins, Timing Purchases, Airlocks

The Wine Wizard shares the signs to look for and ways to monitor malolactic fermentation, offers tips on adding supplemental grape skins to a red wine, and when to move a red wine’s fermentation from open containers to under an airlock.

South African Wine Safari

We recap and share pictures from a recent WineMaker trip with readers to the wine regions of South Africa.

Elevate Your Wine with Wine Cocktails

Looking to enjoy some of your homemade wines a different way? Try using them as ingredients in wine-based cocktails! We share tips and recipes to make cocktails that are sure to be a hit at gatherings.

Flower Power

You can make wine from just about anything. From dandelions and roses to ferns and parsnips, we share advice and recipes for wine from flowers, ferns, and root vegetables.

Live Chat with Ken and Leah Stafford

Watch the playback of our March 2024 Live Video Chat with Ken and Leah Stafford here.

It’s Always a Good Time to Assess Your Wine

Making small adjustments to a wine the moment they are needed, as opposed to one large adjustment prior to bottling, will result in a more cohesive wine. A couple of award-winning home winemakers share when you should assess your wine and what to look for.

Eat Your (Fermented) Veggies

It can be difficult to fill time between batches of wine once you have been bitten by the fermentation bug. How about trying a new kind of fermentation? Derek Dellinger lived on nothing but fermented foods for a year, and he’s here to share how to make your own.

Understanding and Controlling Brettanomyces

It is both a spoilage yeast and the heart of many great wines of Bordeaux. We share what you need to understand about Brettanomyces, the common misconceptions, and methods to tame this wild yeast.

Boosting Aromatics, Removing Carboy Stains, Mycoderma, and Sanitation

The Wine Wizard offers steps to increase aroma for aromatic white wines. Plus, how to remove stains from glass carboys, whether high-proof alcohol is a match for mycoderma, and why the combination of sulfur dioxide and citric acid works well for sanitation.


Most readers are likely familiar with Amarone wines made from drying grapes to concentrate the flavors and sugars prior to fermentation, but have you heard of Sagrantino? This Italian variety known for its huge tannins makes similar passito wines, in addition to table wines worth cellaring.

Grenache Five Ways

A home winemaker sets out to explore just how versatile Grenache can be by making five different wines from it in a single vintage, including red, pink, and white versions.

Live Chat with Gary Correia

Watch the replay of WineMaker’s Live Video Chat with Gary Correia, who wrote the piece in the February-March 2024 issue on aging wine on mahogany wood.

Paths to Pinot Noir

It’s a legendary grape with a storied history and one of the most revered in the wine world. But it is also a cantankerous grape to grow and make wine with. Chik Brenneman shares some best practices for handling Pinot Noir in the winery.

Underripe Red Grapes, Malolactic Tips, and General Fermentation Guidelines

In the face of a cool growing season, contending with underripe grapes can be a challenge. The Wiz has some ideas for one grape grower who just couldn’t get their Syrah to full maturity. Also, get some pointers for a healthy malolactic fermentation and alcoholic fermentation.

Winter Chills

When a harsh cold snap occurs in the middle of winter, there is little a grape grower can do in the moment . . . it’s all about being prepared ahead of time. Make sure you are making smart decisions before and after the chill.

Cellaring Bottled Wine for Beginners

Aging bottled wine properly is key to let certain wine styles to fully develop. Make sure the conditions you are providing are right.

It Takes a Village

A New York City gentleman who recently retired found himself the owner of a country home in Italy with hundreds of Moscato grape vines. Having never made wine before, the learning curve was steep. But after several harvests and tons of research, he’s making a splash in the local scene.

Home Winery Design

A lot of thought and planning should be done before you begin designing a home winery. Whether building a new space or refurbishing an existing area, you want to make the winery as conducive to your needs as possible. From accessibility to temperature control, we lay out what you need to know.

2024 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

We share our favorite labels from the hundreds of entries submitted in the annual WineMaker Label Contest.

Making Wine with Mahogany

A home winemaker and woodworker got the idea that mahogany may lend itself nicely to wine in place of oak. This simple idea led him on a years-long string of experiments. Now, he’s ready to share the results, which may surprise you.

Maximizing Cellar Space

Get the most from your wine cellar by maximizing the space you have. Two keys to this are leveraging vertical space and mobility.