Date: Oct-Nov 2015

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Cheesemaking: Tips from the Pros

You make your own wine, but have you tried making cheese to go with it?

Fin(d)ing Clarity in the Five S’s

When it comes to clarifying your wine kit, there are five “S’s” that will guide your way: Start, stir, smash, sweep, and suppress.

Unconventional Additives

There are lots of possibilities for adding extracts, flavorings, herbs, and spice when you are making wine at home. We explore a variety of options.


To understand Montepulciano the grape, you also have to understand the difference with Montepulciano the place. Chik Brenneman takes you on a tour of eastern Tuscany, Italy in this issue.

Build a Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage Box

A home winemaker from California’s Sierra Foothills shares his design for an air-conditioned wine storage room he built for his garage.

Controlling Fermentation Temperature

Many hobby winemakers believe that fermentation temperature control is beyond their reach — but this isn’t so! Discover how to keep temperatures in the proper range.

The Essential Ins and Outs of Oak Barrels

Aging your wine in an oak barrel can do wonders for your wine. It can also ruin it. Before you dive in head first, learn all there is to know about aging in oak. Plus: Using oak alternatives.

Adding Campden Tablets to Wine

The great thing about Campden tablets (a convenient form of dosing in sulfur dioxide for home winemakers) is that they will inhibit the yeast and bacteria you do not want (which are

Adding Sambuca to Wine

Well I like your moxie. Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside the box to really make our beverages sing, and in your case (though it would be anathema to a commercial

Putting A Value On A Vineyard

I’m very sorry about your vine loss. I do agree with Dr. Lockwood that you will probably lose the vines that were knocked down. You might want to really work closely with

When Life Gives You Limes Make Wine, Re-Fermentation, and The Value Of A Vineyard

You could also try to take your lime wine and see what other kind of fun beverages you could make with it as a mixer . . .

Harvesting in the Moonlight

The heat of the day is not necessarily the time to harvest your ripe grapes. A night harvest allows you to bring the fruit in when it’s cool, which will lower your VA, plus other benefits.

When Life Gives You Limes Make Wine

Very, very interesting. I have to say that the zest of 21 limes for three gallons (11 L) of liquid seems like a lot of lime-y-ness to me! I can only imagine

Sourcing Grapes

Want to make wine from fresh grapes but not sure how to go about getting them? Here’s an introduction about sourcing grapes.

Make Hard Cider & Apple Wine

Get tips to make your own hard cider or apple wine this fall.

Re-Fermentation Issues

Let me put on my thinking cap. Indeed I think you are facing a re-fermentation and I’d bet that it is due to your 1% residual sugar, but perhaps secondarily to a

Grand Champion: Dry Finish

Michael Rinker’s 100% Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon was named Grand Champion at the 2015 WineMaker Magazine Amateur Wine Competition. The grapes were sourced less than 15 miles (24 km) from his home

17 result(s) found.