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Understanding Brix Readings


One of the most important measurements a winemaker must stay on top of from the time grapes begin to mature in the vineyard through the end of fermentation is degrees Brix. Brix,

Amateur to Pro Winemaking Glory


Raymond Meyer was the first person to win the three most competitive amateur winemaking competitions in North America, and now he can add a professional “Wine Person of the Year” to his resumé.

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Red Hybrid Color Stabilization: Tips from the Pros


Red wines from hybrid grapes can be frustrating — one day you have a deep garnet wine and the next you are wondering where the color went. Color stabilization is the key,

Grand Champion: Dry Finish


Michael Rinker’s 100% Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon was named Grand Champion at the 2015 WineMaker Magazine Amateur Wine Competition. The grapes were sourced less than 15 miles (24 km) from his home

Selecting Yeast Roundtable


As illustrated in the WineMaker Yeast Chart, there are many commercial yeast strains available for home winemakers to choose from. And that list doesn’t even count the numerous other strains marketed and packaged

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