Date: Apr-May 2012

Apr/May 2012 issue

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One Wall Winery: One World. One Winery. One Wall.

If you have a free wall in your garage, you can have your entire winery organized there. See the plans by Steve Hughes.

Wine Kit Questions: Water and Bubbles

“A letter is an unannounced visit, the postman the agent of rude surprises. One ought to reserve an hour a week for receiving letters and afterwards take a bath.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Man,

Wine Cellar Build

A reader’s basement renovation takes shape.

Broken Barrels, pH Adjustments, and “Chocolate” Wine

Oak barrels (and barrels made of other woods, sometimes acacia wood or even cherry wood) are really structurally amazing.

Harrogate Wine Club: A Love For Wine Doesn’t Age

When we are together bottling, corking and labeling the wine, we are all eager and happy to complete the project at hand, so we can enjoy the finished product.

Quest For The Big Red: Growing Red Grapes For Color and Impact

Want to make a big smashmouth red wine with grapes from your home vineyard? Then you’ll need to grow big or go home.

Making Sherry-Style Wines

Sherry is the fortified wine from Jerez, Spain, made in soleras and conditioned with flor yeast.

Big Reds: How To Make A Blockbuster Wine

. . .lurking inside the heads of many home winemakers is the urge to make an absolute blockbuster, a jaw-dropping, mind-bending, 800-pound gorilla of a wine.

Yeast Nutrient Strategies

Grape juice is a pretty tough environment if you’re a yeast cell. The pH is low, there’s high osmotic stress (stress from the environmental conditions being such that the flow of water

Using South American Grapes for a Second Winemaking Season

And you thought there was only one time each year to make wine from fresh grapes; in the autumn season. But, surprise, there is another whole world south of the Equator. As

La Crescent: Cold-Climate Hybrid

Looking for a cold-hardy white to grow in a colder northern clime? Meet the University of Minnesota’s La Crescent.

Making La Crescent Wine: Tips from the Pros

Thanks to the University of Minnesota, wine grapes can thrive in some of the coldest climates in North America (and beyond). In this issue, two winemakers discuss making wine with the Minnesota-bred,

Fermentation Temperature Control

For those that would like to start getting a better handle on the fermentation temperature of their wines, you’ve found the right spot.

Is it ok to use ammonia in the winery?

Regarding ammonia (chemical formula NH3), I’m glad you brought the subject up. There’s a reason why we don’t use ammonia for sanitation in the winery and one acronym says it all: DAP.

Perry Questions

You are making me thirsty! I am a huge fan of cider and perry (pear cider), especially when it’s tart, dry-ish and has a sparkling finish. Yummy yum yum! I applaud you

South American Grapes

Make wine from fresh grapes in April — with grapes harvested in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cool Fermentations

Want to preserve the delicate aromas in your white wines? Learn these hot tips for running a cool fermentation.

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