Date: Jun-Jul 2013

June/July '13 issue

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15 Upcoming Wine Regions

People tend to stick to the familiar and pleasurable in life, and while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite Chardonnay or Zinfandel on a regular basis, remember the last time you

Use Of Bleach In A Winery

My rule is no chlorine bleach in my wineries, never, nohow. Anything containing chlorine might contribute to the dreaded “corked wine aroma,” 2-4-6 trichloroanisole (TCA), in your finished wines. It can be

Questionable ‘Premium’ Grapes

That’s an interesting data set you present there. What I’m about to tell you, please take with many grains of salt because I am not privy to the growing locations of your

Fining Fruit Wines, Sourcing Grapes, and Cleaning Agents

Wine clarifiers, or ‘fining agents’ as they (and a whole host of other wine-finishing additives) are called, are creatures of degrees.

WineMaker Turns 15

A look at the numbers from 15 years of WineMaker magazine.

15 Grapevines to Try in Your Vineyard

Celebrating 15 years, here’s 15 grapes you should consider growing!

15 Facts About Wine Yeast

For more than 10 years I have been a home winemaker and for almost that long I have also brewed beer. Before that, I was general manager at a company that sells

15 Wine Kits to Try

Most home winemakers have limits on their winemaking space, equipment, cellar capacity or the ability of their liver to keep up. If you are one of those who has to pick and

15 Home Vineyard Tips

One truism in almost everything I do is this: By the end of any project, I am competent to start it properly. Nowhere is this more evident than in viticulture, and backyard

15 Keys to Winemaking Success

As we look back at the many wines we made, we cherish the memories of those winners that amazed our friends and family. But there have been failures too and perhaps some

15 Wine Styles You Need to Make

One of the things that makes wine irresistible is the endless variety: every grape, every region, every vintage, every bottle tastes a little different from the last. And so while there is

Cabernet Franc: The “other” Cabernet king

Cabernet Franc is thought to have originated in Southwest France, specifically in Libournais.

Fining Fruit Wines

The short answer is that yes, I would absolutely cut down on the amount of clarifying agent you use if you don’t have enough wine volume for the recommended 5 gallon (19

Making Cabernet Franc: Tips from the Pros

Cabernet Franc can be a very versatile grape to grow in your backyard vineyard — and more forgiving in some ways than Cabernet Sauvignon. But what does it take to make good

Choosing Your First Fermenter

Explore the options for your first fermentation vessel.

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