Date: Feb-Mar 2019

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Grape Halos (DIY Grape Growing Stakes)

Want to plant grapevines, but not necessarily enough to warrant a full-scale trellis and all the work and expense that goes along with it? Here are two alternative DIY projects for small-scale vineyards.

Prevent Volatile Acidity

Volatile acidity (VA) is a flaw that can ruin the aroma of a wine. Explore what exactly VA is, why it is such a problem, and techniques to avoid VA in the future.

2019 Label Contest Winners

View all of the winning labels from WineMaker’s 19th annual label contest.

Dessert Wines

Perfect for after-dinner treats, dessert wines are some of the most complex wines in the world. Get tips for making your own icewine, Sherry-style, and Port-style wines at home.

Recipes of Burgundy

If you’ve ever visited Burgundy, France, then you likely know all about how important pairing the right wine and food dish are. Here, we share recipes for a three-course meal as well as their perfect pairings for your Burgundian-style wines.

The Winemakers’ Renaissance

Home winemakers are living in the golden age of the hobby. One reader sits down to reflect on the great resources that are available to those of us who appreciate the joys of crafting wine at home.

Sparkling Wines: Tips From the Pros

This Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great to break open a bottle of your own homemade bubbly? Learn from two winemakers producing highly acclaimed sparkling wines about the nuances of making them at home.

Vine Budbreak: Early season tips

For viticulturalists, the time between budbreak and bloom is often a time to let the vines do their thing. But Wes Hagen explains that a little maintenance and care in this growth phase can save grape growers lots of time and hassle later in the year.

Stable Sémillon

Sémillon is a grape variety that is used to produce some of the great white wines of Bordeaux. Learn about what makes this grape so versatile and one that breaks the conception that white wine should be consumed young.

Avoiding The Winemaker’s Pitfalls

Learn key tips to avoid common winemaking pitfalls.

Gum Arabic, Chilled Reds, and Pinot Noir Advice

A reader wonders about the usefulness of gum arabic in their winemaking process. The Wiz also talks about chilled red wines, the ups and downs of Pinot Noir, and increasing mouthfeel in your wines.

Increasing A Wine’s Mouthfeel

I feel ya! (Yes, pun intended.) Since I don’t have much space left in this column, let me break it down for you in bite-sized pieces. Much more food for thought and

Discussing Pros v. Cons of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has quite a reputation. Often known as the “Heartbreak Grape” and lovingly discussed, dissected, and degustated (is that even a word?) by rabid Pinot-philes the world over, Pinot Noir was

Chilled Red Wines

Though especially welcome in summertime, and especially tasty with regards to Pinot Noir, I break the “room temperature reds rule” year round and with many varietals to boot. In the depths of

Gum Arabic

Here goes some gum arabic info . . . I was first introduced to it at Bonny Doon when Randall Grahm brought it back from one of his jaunts to France, around

Monitoring Your Wine: What to test for and when

There are some winemakers who practice the age-old philosophy that the wine will take care of itself . . . but for those who want to produce the best wines possible, monitoring is key. Bob Peak takes readers through the what, why, and when for testing your wines.

2019 Backyard Vine Directory

Grow your own grapes? Thinking of starting a backyard vineyard? Now is the time to plan your spring. Here is a list of suppliers where you can purchase grapevines and/or supplies for your home vineyard…

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