Date: Feb-Mar 2023

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Live Chat with Jenne Baldwin-Eaton

Live Chat with Jenne Baldwin-Eaton that took place on March 28, 2023.

Live Chat with Jason Phelps

Live Chat with Jason Phelps that took place on February 28, 2023.

Sulfur Dioxide: Fact and Myth

Winemakers have a lot of misconceptions about sulfur dioxide and its use in winemaking. Though somewhat controversial, longtime wine educator Clark Smith shares his views that are backed by science.

2023 Label Contest Winners

We received hundreds of entries into this year’s WineMaker Label Contest. It is time to reveal the winners.

World-Class Week in Bordeaux

We recap and share photos from a weeklong trip
WineMaker readers and Publisher Brad Ring spent visiting wineries and experiencing all that the famed French wine region of Bordeaux has to offer.

Let’s Start Making Wine

Are you or a friend new to the hobby of winemaking? Don’t worry — WineMaker’s Technical Editor Bob Peak is here to explain the basics of making wine from grapes, juices, and kits.

Craft Beer-Influenced Winemaking

A trend has emerged from the world of craft beer as some notable brewers have begun releasing wines. What sets these wines apart is an unusual approach of adding adjuncts and other techniques that are common in the world of beer. Learn what they are doing and how you, too, can make wine like a brewer.

High Rows, Full Hearts

WineMaker’s Associate Publisher Kiev Rattee traveled to a friend’s vineyard to help with the most recent harvest. There is something magical about being part of a team helping pick the grapes that will become our treasured vinous beverage.

Viticulture Tips

The 2023 growing season is just around the corner and it’s time to think about ways to improve your viticultural practices. Here are 10 tips every wine grape grower should be thinking about to get the best berries from their vines.

Just the pHacts

If you are a winemaker looking to boost your wine’s quality, then tracking pH is a must. Bob Peak introduces the chemistry behind the numbers we obtain and how to use them to our advantage.

Notably Norton

A grape with a proud following regionally, Norton has roots that remain shrouded in a fog. Learn about its past, how to best tend to it in the vineyard, and bring out its bright qualities in the winery.

Oak-Aging Advice and Strategies for a Chaptalization Mistake

Maintaining wine while it ages in oak is an important task. Make sure you are taking the appropriate steps. Also, a winemaker can’t get their latest wine to start fermentation. The Wine Wizard unravels the mystery behind the unfermentable juice.

Strategies for a Chaptalization Mistake

It sounds like you’re doing a lot of things right, especially being that your grape wine has taken off, but your plum wine is just plum tuckered out.  Seems like you’ve got

Oak Barrel Aging Advice

Hi Larry, congrats on your new piece of equipment! I’m sure you’ll find it adds to the kinds of wine you can make. Since you just filled your barrel and it’s brand

Red Bordeaux-Style Blends: Tips from the Pros

Three pros making high-end red Bordeaux-style blends share their advice on crafting these complex, elegant wines.

Story Behind The Label

Featured in the February-March 2023 issue: Kent Nienaber • Ham Lake, Minnesota Our Love Sick Marquette label was born out of a difficult situation that arose during COVID. In early September of 2021,

16 result(s) found.